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introduction about “e-citic”

2013-07-12 14:06:00

in the era of e-business, according to the customer-focused management idea and the purpose of constant pursuit and constant innovation, on june 16th, 2013, citic holdings launched officially “e-citic”, a new comprehensive service platform which covers the whole process of financial business and services and the non-financial b2c e-business, on the basis of the original citic financial website (

the original citic financial website created in 2000 was the first comprehensive financial business and services portal in china, which integrated transactions of the bank, securities, insurance, fund, trust and hong kong stock trade business. after over ten years’ development, the citic financial website had become the leading, various and complete comprehensive financial business and services portal, on which the online trading indicators for each financial business had reached or remained the industry-leading level. it provided strong support to financial subsidiaries of citic group corporation(hereunder“citic group”)in aspects of information publication, marketing promotion, online trading and brand construction etc.

it is well known that citic group which has over 30 years’ history is a large comprehensive state-owned multinational conglomerate with balanced development of both financial and non-financial business. it was ranked the 194th in the fortune global 500 in 2012. its business covers 56 industries including finance, real estate, natural resources, energy sources, manufacture and service industry etc. it has abundant and various products, broad customer base and obvious comprehensive advantage. with arrival of the e-business, “e-citic” maintains and optimizes the function and business of the original financial portal, as well as provides online non-financial products and services step by step, by making good use of the integrated resources and brand advantage of citic group and adopting new network technique, through which the operating cost is reduced, service level and service quality get improved, cross-marketing of financial and non-financial business is achieved and finally “citic on internet” is created.

“e-citic” provides financial and non-financial products and services. among these,the group offers 8 categories of products, covering health, food, accommodation, tourism, book-selling, wealth management, insurance and entertainment. in additional, we’ll bring goods and services from external cooperative partners onto the platform in order to provide customers more abundant and various choices.

our ultimate goal is to provide the ever-improving platform to customers of citic group. by diversified ways, such as introducing business and investments, being the third-partner for e-business operating, leasing the system platform and so on, we will assist our strategic partners and high-quality corporate clients of our subsidiaries together to explore e-business, strengthen and develop citic customer base, promote business value, enlarge scale and influence of “e-citic”. we are engaged in creating “e-citic” not only to be the citic e-business and cloud-service platform, but also a reliable e-business platform for our credible partners.


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