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jinzhou titanium becomes national high-tech enterprise

2011-09-14 11:09:00

jinzhou titanium industry co. ltd. (jinzhou titanium) has successfully passed theofficial verification and been awarded the certificate of national high-tech enterprise, jointly issued by liaoning provincial science and technology office, liaoningfinance bureau, state and local tax bureaus of liaoning province.

the jinzhou titanium was co-founded by citic jinzhou metal co. ltd. and panganggroup co. ltd. so far, it is the only rutile-type titanium pigment producer in mainland china that adopts chlorination process. after more than twenty years of vigorous efforts, jinzhou titanium has tackled hundreds of technical problems and now has mastered the whole chlorination process for titanium pigment production. it has applied and been approved of more than 20 national patents that cover the production process with up-scaled production using domestic made equipment and owning proprietary intellectual property rights. the product is first of its kind in china, offering unique characters that are competitive on a global level. the products thatjinzhou titanium has developed for plastic materials applications (cr-200), coating applications (cr-510) and for general applications (cr-501) are very well recognized by many well-known domestic enterprises for its stable product quality and profound applicability. those products have replaced the imported high-end products of the same kind and completely changed the situation that domestic market fully relies on imported high-end titanium pigment.

during the twelfth five-year period, the jinzhou titanium will further enhance its competitive advantage through systematic reforming, technology development and new production research. meanwhile, it will build two new product lines that will produce annually 100 thousand tons of titanium pigment using chlorination process in national economic and technological development zone of jinzhou, increasing the annual production capacity of up to 300 thousand tons and as a result, becoming one of the world’s top 5 high-end titanium pigment producers. it will endeavor to be the flagship of china’s chlorination process titanium pigment producer.


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