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citic heavy industries

citic heavy industries, listed on the shanghai stock exchange (sse:601608), is a global leading manufacturer and service provider of mining equipment and cement equipment. it is also one of the few high-tech enterprises in the world with capabilities in the research, development, and manufacturing of major equipment and special materials. the company ranks among the top players in the domestic special robotics industry and is one of the largest research and industrialization bases for special robotics. the company mainly engages in the development, research, manufacturing, and sales of large-scale equipment, comprehensive engineering systems, and key components in fields such as mining, heavy machinery, complete engineering sets, robotics, intelligent equipment, and new energy equipment. it also provides related supporting services and holistic solutions. firmly rooted in a commitment to national priorities, citic heavy industries has garnered notable acclaim for its contributions to pivotal national projects, including aerospace and nuclear power engineering. it has spearheaded the development of critical equipment, core components, and key materials, earning a distinguished reputation as the backbone of chinese industry and a birthplace of major equipment.

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