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citic construction actively implements national strategies and expands its overseas business through the formation of “joint fleets” with outstanding enterprises. its business is mainly distributed along the “belt and road” countries, africa, latin america, and has successfully entered developed markets such as the united kingdom. this has facilitated chinese companies in going global and exporting advanced equipment manufacturing, technological processes, and management know-how. to integrate into the new development paradigm, the company focuses on deepening its presence in the “belt and road” countries while actively serving the domestic regional development strategies. its domestic business is mainly concentrated in key regions such as the beijing-tianjin-hebei, guangdong-hong kong-macao, yangtze river delta, and chengdu-chongqing economic circle. currently, citic construction has developed into a comprehensive service provider with the capability to undertake major international and domestic projects. it has secured its position as one of the leading companies in the enr top 250 international contractors list. the company has successfully delivered high-profile projects including beijing national stadium (bird’s nest), algerian east-west expressway and angolan social housing, establishing a good reputation and gaining wide recognition in the industry.

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